Whether your project is large or small--a new container garden, terrace plantings, residence, or commercial property--Painterly Gardens follows a clear process in developing a plan for your garden.                          

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Design Proposal

A consultation involves an initial meeting to walk through your property and to discuss your goals. At this time I will assess the existing landscape conditions, discuss ideas, and take notes. You will then receive a basic proposal that includes recommendations for design, and plantings as well as a general maintenance plan. A budget estimate is included this proposal. 

Step 2: Project Plan 

Upon approval of the initial design proposal, we then refine the final design. This includes the budget for the scope of labor that Painterly Gardens will perform, as well as any additional services that may be required such as excavation, removal of existing material, irrigation installation, and/or hardscaping. The project plan sets out the final design, plant selections, schedule, and budget for the garden. Once these terms are agreed upon, you will receive our contract. 

Step 3: Logistics

Painterly Gardens will establish protocols for working on site with the client/property manager, coordinating access to the property, parking, and logistics for delivery and/or removal of materials.

Step 4: Maintenance and Plant Guarantee

Proper maintenance, irrigation and winter protection is essential to the success of a newly installed garden. Within the project plan, I provide a basic maintenance and watering plan. While Painterly Gardens prefers to carry out the maintenance of your garden for the first year after the garden is installed (to ensure close monitoring and success), clients may choose to perform their own maintenance.  Within the first year of installation, Painterly Gardens will replace any defective perennial, tree, or shrub that does not survive with the exception of plants that die as a result of the client not fulfilling basic maintenance guidelines, lack of proper irrigation, animal invasion or extreme weather conditions. A detailed plant guarantee is included within each contract.


Painterly Gardens' fee is determined according to the specific project; it encompasses the initial consultation & design proposal, labor, and materials. An overall project-based fee, or an hourly rate for labor will be provided depending upon the scope of services and project timeline. Please contact us for more information.


References, New York State Business Certificate, and General Liability Insurance Certificate documents are available on request.